2015 Album Reviews Albums Of The Year Great Albums (8+)

Albums of the Year 2015: #14 CC Not – Geo Fi


Geo Fi is a lengthy EP of watery, experimental techno that adopts the aquatic vibes of Drexciya and gives them a new layer of glossy, hyper-modern paint. These 5 tracks of highly detailed but very understated techno have a beautiful, washed out ambience to them, but at the same time each track maintains a strong rhythmic core. ‘Attribution Link’, for example, has the kind of steady handclapped drums and melancholy synths that could have made it a fairly nondescript deep house tune, but CC Not chooses to slather it in echo and reverb until it sounds like the soundtrack to a party at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, the watery churn of ‘Cylinder Avoidance Test’, full of squelchy laser sounds and rubbery acid synths, seems to me the aural equivalent of being stuck inside a giant washing machine: wet, disorientating, and probably kind of awesome (for 11 minutes and 58 seconds, at least). And closing track ‘Vtro V 2.0’ is perhaps the best of the five: a heady drift through zero-g deep space that steadily builds into a blissful acid techno climax. One of the most unique electronic releases of the year, and the perfect soundtrack to building robots or scuba diving.

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