2015 Album Reviews Albums Of The Year Great Albums (8+)

Albums of the Year 2015: #8 Jessica Pratt – On Your Own Love Again


On Your Own Love Again is a whisper-quiet collection of secret haunting nasal dark folk songs from Jessica Pratt, occupying the lonely spirit of Nick Drake in a musical séance wielding nothing but a Ouija board and a battered old cobweb-riddled guitar. Recorded so intimately that you can hear the walls sweating and every shift of Jessica’s spindly fingers moving up and down the fretboard and every note of a voice that sounds like both a witch and an infant child at one and the same time.

I know you’re searching all the time…through the corners of your mind

9 songs and 30 minutes of soporific music that sways with the regular rhythm of a hypnotists pendulum and hums with the heartbroken lyrics of its enigmatic creator. On Your Own Love Again is populated by otherworldly stories of distance and separation and turmoil but, like the eye of an enormous storm, the music contained within it is eerily calm.

When I look into your eyes, I’ve got a feeling…

Listen to it long enough and you begin to feel like you’re in the very same room with Jessica Pratt as she plays it, warming cold hands with sad songs and fire. Or perhaps at the bottom of a well where the sound echoes off the walls and has nowhere to go but up, like smoke.

Sometimes I pray for the rain…

No album in 2015 was as mysterious or as sinister as this. A truly remarkable example of how simple recording techniques and uncomplicated instrumentation can be imaginatively moulded into entire sonic landscapes.

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