2016 Album Reviews Albums Of The Year Great Albums (8+)

Albums of the Year 2016: #15 Jeff Rosenstock – WORRY

WORRY is a blast of melodic and hilarious pop punk from the former frontman of Bomb the Music Industry!, Jeff Rosenstock. Simultaneously channeling frustration with the bullshit of everyday life and the joy of his recent marriage, Jeff put together a passionate album full of scepticism and euphoria in equal measure. On WORRY he takes on police brutality, memes, love and capitalism, and does it all through short but sweet pop punk tunes that never outstay their welcome. The second half of this record is an ambitious medley of songs that all segway into each other almost imperceptibly, and there are roaring highlights throughout: internet anthem ‘To Be a Ghost…’, ‘Festival Song’, and the brilliantly titled ‘HELLLLHOOOOLE’. WORRY is an album that feels very of the moment, and is full of energy, aggression, and catharsis in equal measure. Highly recommended.

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