The Wooden Man is going to India!

As I alluded to in my last post, and as many of you will already know, I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’ve been accepted to complete an internship at The Telegraph in Kolkata, India, and will be leaving a few weeks from now at the beginning of February. It’s only a month long, but afterwards I will be travelling around India for a few months more, or as long as my finances allow.

The paper have said there may be an oppurtunity for me to write a travel blog which they will publish, but even if that doesn’t come to fruition I will be writing one for The Wooden Man. I want to bring lots of new content and ideas to the blog in 2018, so expect some form of travel diary and some tales from the East. Hopefully I’ll be able to share on The Wooden Man some (if not all) of the pieces I write for the paper, as well.

Outside of this, I have lots more ideas for content to come in the rest of 2018. I’m currently in the process of writing a short story which I will be posting here chapter by chapter once complete. It’s kind of a surreal mystery/horror story which features solvable logic puzzles, and is expanding beyond my initial idea for it as I write. This was going to be my next project after finishing AOTY, but it might go on the backburner until the summer now I’ve gotten the internship. You can definitely expect it at some point in 2018, though – I’m very excited about it.

Once I’m back in the summer, too, I’d like to start writing some different kinds of articles. Maybe conducting some interviews with local bands and rising artists, rather than just turning out reviews. And I’d also like to write some more interesting editorial pieces, the kind that require proper research and planning. We may also redesign the visual layout of The Wooden Man again to be a bit more appealing, and to get back in the habit of drawing.

I have some other plans for 2018 but it wouldn’t be as fun to spoil everything here, so you’ll just have to keep checking back in to see what’s in store. Hopefully this year will be even bigger and better than the last for The Wooden Man. I might even get a tan. Alavida!


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