Forest Fires & Foxgloves

Forest Fire

Today is inside a glass box
Hanging from a crane above concrete

I am not sure if this tree
Is a hologram

This severed stump
Pouring brown ivy down like blood

Or the emerald cobwebs
On the abandoned boathouse

Which look like the Whatsapp message
You read but didn’t respond to

And if I start a forest fire
Will it all burn down to roots

Or just spark and then fizzle out
Like headphones in the shower



the foxgloves
outside my kitchen
window are so
tall that every
time i make toast
i see a person
in my periphery
and am a little bit
surprised to find this
topsy turvy plant which
grows up from the stem
but seems to bloom down
and wears a dress of purple
castanets that make me think of



credit: the image at the top is a wonderful painting by angie wright i just found by googling foxgloves which you can find here 🙂

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